Why choose The Golde Standard?

We love what we do! We have a passion for nonprofits and are Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professionals. We keep up to date with what’s current with best practices and any new rules and legislation.

Cloud-based software with bank-level security means no worries. None of your information will be stored on our computers.

Erika is an Advanced Quickbooks Online Certified ProAdvisor so you can know that she will go through regular re-certifications to keep her skills updated.

We’ll use cutting-edge apps that will make it easier and save you time in getting all your receipts and documents to us.


Out-sourcing your bookkeeping means you don’t have to have space in the office and spend funds on the technology for another staff member. 

Holistic: together we look at big picture of your organization in order for you to make better business decisions. We will make a customized plan designed especially for you and your unique organization.


Monthly packages so you know what you’ll pay upfront – no surprises.

Availability. We are just an email or phone call away.

We’re not boring. We promise. 😎

Erika Golde

Money consciousness came to me when I was pretty young. In elementary school I was a voracious reader of “Penny Wise Magazine for Kids”, sold my handmade crafts door to door, kept meticulous accounts of my earnings and allowance, and was always figuring out ways how I could stretch my money even further.

As a teenager I became involved with “The Future Business Leaders of America” and excelled in my business courses ending up with a small scholarship for college from the local Army Accountants organization. After a number of accounting classes in college I realized that the corporate direction they were taking was just not me.

Fast forward through a number of fun finance office jobs, raising a kid and years of travel, my interests led me to my ten-year Massage Therapy practice, marrying entrepreneurship, service, and bodywork. Eventually the time came when I realized I wanted to go back to my bookkeeping roots, but still be able to hear clients sigh with relief, and with that aim, in 2017, The Golde Standard was born.

Erik de Buhr

The love of money management blossomed somewhat by accident for me. While working as an animator on a money management program for foster kids, I was repeatedly exposed to the concept of budgeting and tracking personal finances. Up to that point, I barely knew what a budget was. 

Later, I found myself drawn to make a difference in society in new ways. I learned pretty quickly that money plays a big role in making things happen. With some knowledge of money management, I was able to start a small business that redirected industrial waste materials and repurposed them into useful products. 

Eventually, the repurposing business went through some changes and became a nonprofit called Community Supported Shelters (CSS). CSS builds micro-shelters and communities for people experiencing homelessness. The first annual budget was $60k and now, after 10 years, it has grown to almost $2MM! 

That was my school of hard knocks training with nonprofit financial management. Now I am grateful to be able to share the skills I’ve learned along the way to help others succeed in the business of changing the world!